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Please Note

Please note Maths assessment now available as Maths by term, Maths Framework or APP Maths.

Our assessment is only sold to schools. We refuse to sell to parents so that schools are able to obtain a clear picture of pupil achievement from our assessment papers.

Welcome to NSI Publishing – the primary school assessment company that only sells to schools
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Welcome to NSI Publishing...
      ...specialists in assessment support material for primary schools.

We believe that, as the Government policy on SATs evolves, the need for independent assessment that helps to monitor pupil progress on a continuous basis by the schools themselves will grow. Our aim is to help you to track pupil progress in the most efficient, economic and stress-free manner as possible.

More and more primary schools are discovering the benefits of continuous assessment by using the NSI Publishing Assessment Packs. Here are just a few reasons why:

Exceptional value for money. Far cheaper on a per pupil basis than any other assessment material. Full photocopy rights to the school mean unlimited use of the material.

Objective. Only available direct to primary schools, the Assessment Packs mean all assessments are objective without the distortion of home assistance.

Easy to use. Each Assessment Pack has a score sheet which indicates the NC level, (graded c to a) achieved. This enables easy tracking of pupil progress and an accurate guide to his or her ability.

Confidence building. With all the negative publicity relating to SATs here is an assessment package which will monitor pupil progress without pressure, giving confidence to pupils, parents and teachers alike.

Please note that all NSI Publishing Assessment Packs are only available direct to the schools themselves.

You will not find any of our publications sold in the high street. This eliminates any distortion of true assessment caused by Homework or assistance from parents.

Why not order today? 

The ever popular numeracy assessment which follows the National Curriculum for the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

The Maths Framework was introduced into most schools from September 2007. The curriculum is designed on units within a block system.  The assessment papers have a score sheet and levels for each unit.

These end of year Maths Framework pupil practice papers are designed to complement the Maths Framework assessment papers for Years 3, 4 & 5. These will enable an annual assessment under test conditions for those years not currently covered by the Maths Key Stage 2 SATs. These papers are supplied as individual booklets (Paper 1 & Paper 2) and are not photocopiable.


APP Maths for Levels 2 & 1 to Levels 5 & 4 click here for specimen papers and order form

The new "Assessing Pupil Progress Maths" in CD format enables a child to be identified as low, secure or high.

In addition we have the following in CD or paper format.

Science assessment packs for the QCA Scheme of Work for Science from Years 1 – 6 covering Sc2, Sc3 and Sc4 and all incorporating Sc1. Each year has an easy-to-use teacher marking pack that give individual NC levels (graded c to a) for each topic within Sc2, Sc3 and Sc4.

These are designed to be a year end test. The Practice Papers are supplied on a per pupil basis and cannot be photocopied.

15 titles for Years 1 – 6 use the QCA schemes of work for History and RE as the source material. All the titles contain original Pupil Reader texts, Pupil Question packs and a simple to use Teacher Answer pack, giving each pupil a NC level graded C to A

  • Online Pupil Record Analysis

All the pupil scores in the NSI Publishing assessment papers, except the Optional Key Stage Tests Practice Papers, can be analysed using an online Pupil Record Analysis. Access to this is free for all buyers of the Years 1 – 6 of any assessment paper. Otherwise access can be purchased separately.
Click here for further details and order form

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